Mountain Man Rendezvous

Spring Mountain Free Trappers Mountain Man Rendezvous

October 28 - 29, 2017

Loose arrows, "thunk!" tomahawks, haggle over furs, taste Dutch oven stew, and carouse like the first Europeans at this free, history-fueled re-enactment and celebration.

6375 NEVADA 159

(702) 875-4141

Learn the satisfaction of throwing a tomahawk. Hear the solid “thunk!” as it lands in a log target. Taste savory stew from a dutch oven. Test your wits and resolve as you haggle with a fur trader in his tee-pee. Thrill to the crack of muskets at a mountain man target shooting contest. Watch your children bend a bow and loose an arrow for the first time. Learn what drove the first Europeans to explore the harsh desert that we call home at the Spring Mountain Free Trappers Mountain Man Rendezvous!

When:  On Saturday, & Sunday, October 28th – October 29th

Where:  Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, 6375 Nevada 159, Blue Diamond, NV

The state park hosts a gathering of costumed re-enactors who bring the fur-trade of the 1830’s to life. A village of tee-pees, lean-tos and tents springs to life as the hard-bitten trappers and explorers gather to compete, joke, and trade with each other, and to teach you what life was like when “Nevada” was just a unexplored region on the map.

There is no charge for admission to this event beyond the normal $7.00 per vehicle park entry fee.

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